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Thursday, October 15, 2009

iPhone Repair: How to Fix a Broken iPhone Speaker

By Doug Akridge

Are your speakers not working on your iPhone? You can't hear anything when someone tries to call you? This is a fairly common problem and unfortunately it is a hardware issue instead of a software issue, this means that simply rebooting the phone won't fix it. However there is a fix! I'll explain it:

1. The reason for this is because there is probably dust or some other object lodged in your headphone dock, on top of your iPhone. So let's clean it! Go and grab a Q-tip and your earphones.

2. Just to double check, go ahead and restart your iPhone. There is a possibility that your iPhone doesn't fall into the hardware problem and it actually is just a software issue. If that didn't work, move onto step 3.

3. Now take your headphones and insert it into the headphone jack, pull it out, and then put it back in again. Try doing this several times and it should go back to normal. If that still doesn't work, go to step 4.

4. Take a Q-tip and cutoff the top so a very small amount of the cotton is on there. Damp the cut end in Windex and insert it into the headphone jack so you can clean it out. You will be surprised at how much dust is trapped in there! If you are still out of luck, move onto step 5.

5. If you are reading this step because your iPhone still doesn't work, then I'm sorry. The final solution is go to the Apple store. There is something wrong with your phone and it needs more attention than ear plugs and Q-tips. Don't bother calling Apple because they will tell you to plug and unplug your headphones 5 times as fast as you can (you could also try this again).

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