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Friday, October 30, 2009

iPhone: How to Turn your iPhone into a Hard Drive

By avi90

Ever need to take a decent amount of files with you but you didn't have a portable drive or numerous thumb drive? Do you have an iPhone? If so you can use your iPhone as a portable hard drive and take your files where ever you go comfortably and without having to lug around an extra device

Step 1
Now there are a few different methods to converting your iPhone into a storage device. The two most basic routes to go include:

1. Applications designed for this in Apple's App Store
2. Third Party Software which you can download online

Within each category are free and paid for programs and apps which you will be able to use.

Step 2
First off, are the Apps that turn your iPhone into storage devices. Here are some common ones

•Discover: is currently the only free App to do this. It includes a viewer, and transfer support for Mac, Windows and Linux based system completely wirelessly. This App also allows iPhone to iPhone data transfer.

•Air Sharing Pro: Does this as well in addition to being able to Email and Print files wirelessly from your iPhone. It also allows the ability to view compressed and zipped files without the need to unzip them. However this is not free and will set you back $9.99.

•Briefcase: is also another wireless storage device that offers much of the same capabilities as the two apps above but for $4.99. Some notable capabilities are the ability to view sound files and transfers supporting SFTP and SSH. It also has a Lite version which is free but with some limitations. This App does not support PC transfer without some technical experience however.

Step 3
The other form are third party software for independent companies. Most of these programs are free but you will find some you will have to pay for. Here's some of the most common TPS to install on your computer.


They aren't wireless transfers but it'll get the job done nonetheless.

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