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Sunday, September 27, 2009

iPhones: How to Use Google Maps on the iPhone

One of the most exciting and useful applications available on the iPhone is Google Maps, giving you the ability to find locations by street address, map out directions and even view satellite pictures of specific places around the world. The advantage of using Google Maps on the iPhone as opposed to other similar phones is that it was designed to integrate directly with the service by developers at Apple and Google

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iPhones: How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

By Avi 90
Many iPhone users such as myself love their iPhones dearly but are annoyed by the short battery life when the phone is used excessively. However here are few tips to keep the battery alive longer and drain slower.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPods: How to remove the iTunes trojan horse virus from your computer

By Earlyriser

If you use iTunes and an iPod, you don't have to be told how essential these two things can be when it comes to music, podcasts and videos. But what if your anti-virus software detects a small.BOG trojan horse in the iTunes folder on your computer? Well, no need to freak out, this is a false positive only on the AVG Anti-Virus software, and here is how you can add an exception in AVG and fix the problem.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Download free iTunes for MP3 and iPhones: How to Get Free MP3s and Other Digital Music to Download

Courts around the country are fining people outrageous amounts of money for illegally downloading and sharing music on peer-to-peer web sites like Limewire and KaZaA. A graduate student was just fined $22,500 per song. A Minnesota woman was fined $1.9 million for 24 songs. Ouch! And so unnecessary.

You can fill your music player or computer with tons of free music without risking becoming a defendant in a Recording Industry Association of America lawsuit. The web is full of sites where you can legally download free MP3s and other music files. Here is a partial list. Many of these sites only feature a few free downloads a day or week, but if you get in the habit of visiting the sites often you can fill your iPod, Zune, or other music player, save money, and expose yourself to new music.

Step 1 ( Every day Amazon offers a new free MP3 download. You can find the new free download by visiting Amazon's special discount MP3 store. In addition to this daily download, Amazon offers hundreds of other free downloads.

From Amazon's home page click on "Digital Downloads," select "MP3 Downloads," and then click on "Free Song of the Day" or at the bottom of the page "Special MP3 Deals."

Step 2
iTunes. First you have to download iTunes to your computer. (

The download is free. Once iTunes is installed go to the home page and scroll toward the bottom. You will see a section called "Free on iTunes" -- which lists the free songs, videos, episodes of TV shows, and other free content available each week. To the right you'll find a box that features free iPhone and iTouch applications. It is titled "Top Free Apps." iTunes also offers tons of free podcasts, which are the equivalent of free radio programming except that is not broadcast over the radio. If you are a music fan try the following podcasts. Find them by typing the name of the podcast in the search box:

KCRW's Today's Top Tune
KEXP Song of the Day
iTunes New Music Tuesday

If you like these podcasts you can subscribe to them and they will automatically download to your computer. And again, they are free.

Step 3
Fuse: ( Fuse features its free music downloads on its home page.

Step 4
Last FM: (

Step 5
Free Celtic Music: ( On the home page click on the words in the center of the page that read "Download Free Celtic Music Now." Celtic MP3s Music Magazine is a monthly that offers new Celtic, Scottish, and Irish music from around the world. Start collecting downloads now and you'll be able to supply all the tunes on St. Patrick's Day.

Step 6
Artists Direct: (,,,00.html) or from the home page click on "Free Stuff" and look for the free downloads (currently along the right hand side of the page).

Step 7
WE7: (
Offers free music downloads that can be played on any music player. The service is supported by advertising.

Step 8 ( From the home page click on "Free Music."

Step 9
MTV: (

Step 10
Free Music Group: (

Step 11
Free Music Directory: (

Step 12
ReverbNation: (
ReverbNation and Windows are offering 1,000 free music downloads. Click on the banner "1,000 Free Song Downloads" in the center of the page. The downloads are MP3s and M4As. You can download them all, if you wish, no charge.

Step 13
Jamendo: ( Jamendo allows artists to log on to share their music. As advertised on the home page, it's free, legal, and unlimited.

Step 14
Rhapsody: ( Rhapsody is a subscription service, but it offers some free downloads. From the home page click on "MP3" and then on the MP3 page click on "Free Song of the Day."

Step 15
Music makes everything better; and FREE music is just sweet. Help out the community of music lovers. If you know of a site that offers FREE downloads that are LEGAL, post it in the comments section. Likewise, if you learn that any of the links noted above have changed or no longer offer LEGAL downloads, leave a comment so they can be corrected and others can find and get great tunes.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Free iTunes Download; How to Download iTunes for Windows XP

iTunes for Windows XP is a specific version of the free digital media player offered through Apple. iTunes plays and organizes digital music and video files. iTunes is also an interface to manage iPod players as well as the iPhone.

Here’s how to download iTunes for Windows XP:

1. Go to the iTunes download section at Click the blue “Download Now” button on the left side of the page.

2. For Internet Explorer
When using IE, and you download iTunes for Windows XP (or any other new software such iPod software) a new bar will appear at the top of the window that says “To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked the site from downloading files to your computer. Click here for options…” Click this bar and select “Download the File”. Then click “Save” within the new popup window. Pick the folder where you want to download the iTunes file.

3. For Mozilla
If you are using Mozilla with Windows XP, after you click to download iTunes, a popup window will appear and you’ll click “Save File”. Choose the folder you want to download iTunes.

4. If you have not yet installed iTunes for Windows XP and you click on any links leading to the iTunes Store, you'll see a message that says “This page cannot be displayed.” A pop-up bar will appear near the top of the screen that says you need to install ActiveX Control. Click the information bar and select ActiveX Control. A pop-up security warning will appear, click “Install"

Thursday, September 3, 2009

iTunes: Free iTunes codes

Free iTunes codes are one of the coolest things to receive and there are a number of ways to get them. Free iTunes codes are great for downloading music from the iTunes store and listening to mp3's without putting a big dent in your pocketbook. Here's how to get free iTunes codes

1. Review a product and get a free iTunes codes. Many companies will offer free music downloads from iTunes just for reviewing what they sell. They can be found legitimately all over the internet, and you can be on your way to downloading music from Apple for free.

2. Participating in a survey is another way to get a free iTunes codes. There are lots of different websites that will offer you free music downloads from iTunes or an iTunes code just for participating. In exchange for a little bit of your time they reward you with music, which is an awesome trade.

3. Enter a drawing to have a chance at winning free iTunes codes. It may sound like a slim chance, but people offer them all the time. Local stores, businesses, and especially websites - so stay on the lookout and you can be getting free mp3's from Apple iTunes in no time.

4. Buy something - It might sound strange or counterintuitive but it's really commonplace for stores and websites offer iTunes music downloads and iTunes codes as an incentive to purchase a product all the time. Even Apple offers it many times with the purchase of an iPod.