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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iPhones: How to Make Your iPhone Battery Last Longer

By Avi 90
Many iPhone users such as myself love their iPhones dearly but are annoyed by the short battery life when the phone is used excessively. However here are few tips to keep the battery alive longer and drain slower.
Step 1
Keep your iPhone as close to room temperature as possible. Room temperature being 72º F and will function perfectly 32º to 95º F. At the very extreme the battery will function correctly between -4º to 113º F so anything outside that range will permanently damage the battery's ability to retain a charge.

Step 2
Use the iPhone's Auto-Brightness feature to help retain battery life. The way it works is the iPhone uses its camera to detect how much light there is at your location and adjusts the screen brightness accordingly. To set it go to Settings > Brightness > Auto-Brightness: On

Step 3
Turn Notification off. Doing so turns slows battery drainage and is usually one of the lesser used features. It can easily be done by going to Settings > Notifications: Off.

Step 4
Turn Bluetooth off. Unless you have a bluetooth device that you are constantly use of course, but if you don't go to Settings > General > Bluetooth: Off.

Step 5
The same can be done to Wifi and 3G but this is usually much less practical.

Step 6
Let the battery fully charge and fully drain dead at least once a month. This ensures that the battery keeps the electrons in it's lithium-ion battery moving.

Step 7
Avoid after market iPhone chargers and car chargers. They do not charge at the same voltage or rate as your factory iPhone charger and as a result can damage the battery's charge capacity.

Step 8
When charging take off any carrying case it may be in. Charging while it's carrying case is on can produce excessive heat damaging the battery.

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