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Thursday, September 17, 2009

iPods: How to remove the iTunes trojan horse virus from your computer

By Earlyriser

If you use iTunes and an iPod, you don't have to be told how essential these two things can be when it comes to music, podcasts and videos. But what if your anti-virus software detects a small.BOG trojan horse in the iTunes folder on your computer? Well, no need to freak out, this is a false positive only on the AVG Anti-Virus software, and here is how you can add an exception in AVG and fix the problem.

Step 1
Open your AVG software so that you are seeing the main screen. Click Tools> Advanced Settings.

Step 2
Look for Resident Shield, and expand it and click the option "Exceptions."

Step 3
Next, click "Add Path," which is located on the top right of the screen. Choose the iTunes software folder, typically C:\Program Files\iTunes, or wherever you may have initially installed iTunes when your first set it up. Click the iTunes folder and select "OK."

Step 4
When you see the next screen, click "Apply." Then exit the AVG software.

Step 5
Finally, do a full restart on your computer. After Windows has loaded fully, you should be able to open up iTunes without any problem, now that the iTunes folder has been added as an exception.

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