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Monday, August 24, 2009

iTunes: How to Add Downloaded iTunes Songs Onto a Samsung MP3 Player

1. Open iTunes.

2. Search for the downloaed iTunes songs that you want to add to the Samsung mp3 player.

3. Right click on one of the songs. Choose "Create MP3 Version." The mp3 version of the downloaded iTunes file will appear beneath the original file. Repeat this process for each downloaded iTunes song you want to put onto a Samsung mp3 player.

4. Open Windows Media Player.

5. Click "File." Choose "Add to Library" and a window will open. Click the "Add" button in the middle of the window. Then, search for the iTunes folder on your computer and click "OK." Click "OK" in the "Add to Library" window to add the downloaded iTunes songs to the WMP library.

6. Plug your Samsung mp3 player into a USB port on your computer.

7. Find and click "Sync," located at the top of Windows Media Player.

8. Double click "Library" in the left column of the program. A list of several different options will appear.

9. Select "Songs." All of the songs in your Windows Media Player library will show up in the middle of the program.

10. Search for the downloaded iTunes songs.

11. Right click on any of the downloaded iTunes songs and click "Add to Sync List." You will then see the downloaded iTunes song listed in the "Sync List" on the right side of the screen. Do this for every downloaded iTunes song you want to add to the Samsung mp3 player.

12. Click "Start Sync," found at the bottom of the program underneath the list of songs you selected to add to the Samsung mp3 player. The selected songs will then be placed on the Samsung mp3 player.

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