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Thursday, August 13, 2009

How to Unlock Apple iPhone

By jmilgtp

Want an Apple iPhone but don't want to switch carriers? Now you can unlock your Iphone to use on any carrier.

Step 1
Start up Itunes and update your phone to the latest update (2.2). Download Quickpwn from This application is what you will use to "Jailbreak" your Iphone.

Step 2
Connect your Iphone to your PC and run Quickpwn. Select your phone. Select your phone's firmware. Install Cydia or Installer. I prefer to install installer. Follow the step by step instructions.

Step 3
If you installed installer, add this repository: If you installed Cydia, add this repository:

Step 4
Use whatever program you installed to install yellowsn0w. Run the application and turn off your Iphone. Take out your sim card and place the SIM card from your new carrier you wish to use.

Step 5
Turn on your Iphone, and watch the new carrier pop Up. If you selected to use T Mobile, make sure to turn off 3G.

Step 6
Sit back and enjoy your new unlocked Iphone.

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