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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

iPhone: How to Convert Your DVD's to iPod and iPhone

Do you have a few DVD's that you want to be able to view on your iPod or iPhone? This quick and easy article will show you how to do this in the best quality while saving time, effort and money!

1 Download HandBrake by going to the HandBrake homepage here:
Click the "Downloads" link on the left side of the website and download the "GUI" file for your particular operating system.

2 Install HandBrake by following the prompts after the download and using the default settings.

3 Once HandBrake has finished installing, insert your desired DVD into your computer's DVD drive.
Cancel out any messages that appear as a default.

4 As a default, HandBrake will ask you which Movie file you would like to convert. Navigate to your DVD drive. This is in "My Computer" on Windows or on the left side of the window on a Mac (as pictured).

5 HandBrake will then process the DVD and prepare for the conversion process. This could take a couple of minutes depending on your computer's speed.

6 After HandBrake is finished, you will need to choose the size that you want to convert the DVD into. There is a "Toggle Presets" button on the top right side of HandBrake. Click the button to show the preset video options. Under the "Apple" section, there are choices for "iPhone & iPod Touch" and "iPod".
Note: For 4G Nano's choose "iPod".

7 Once you have your settings chosen, you need to choose where you want to converted movie file to go. As a default, HandBrake will put it on the desktop. To choose another location, click the "Browse" button and navigate to the desired location.

8 After you have chosen your location, click "Start". HandBrake will start the encoding process. Leave your computer for a couple hours as HandBrake does it's job. My computer takes a little over an hour to convert a full length DVD.

9 When HandBrake says it is finished, just drag your new movie file into iTunes and sync up your iPod or iPhone. You're finished!

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