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Sunday, July 19, 2009

How to Use the New 3G iPhone

By Kyoko Walton

Multitask with the 3G iPhone. Check e-mail, Internet maps and talk on the phone – all at the same time. You can even watch videos while talking to someone over the phone. You won’t even need to access WiFi to take advantage of the 3G iPhone’s multitasking features.

Make calls and use the Web with your 3G iPhone

Step 1
Make a call on the Web. Tap the phone icon, a green box with a white phone icon in the center. Check the range via the status icon to determine if you can make a call from your present location. The signal’s range is indicated by the multiple bars depicted on the icon. If you have many bars, then you are able to make calls easily. If you have few bars, then expect some delay, lack of connection or possibly no ability to execute a call. Select your numeric keypad. This icon resembles nine tiny square buttons on a phone. Tap in the number you wish to call, then tap Call. Visit the Favorites icon to look up frequently used numbers. Visit the Contacts icon to add new people and phone numbers to your iPhone. Tap on Recent Calls to return a missed call.

Step 2
Tap your Settings button, then tap on General, Network and Enable 3G. This turns on 3G for access to the cellular network when there is no Internet connection available. When you want to make a call while surfing the Internet, this feature can be very handy, especially if you are trying to get directions.

Step 3
Enable your e-mail and Web browsing. Go to Settings. Tap on General. Tap on Network. Select Data Roaming On.

Step 4
Turn off iPhone radio transmitters. Select Airplane mode. You may still use WiFi on a plane if the law in a particular region allows it.

Step 5
Charge your iPhone by plugging the USB cable into the iPhone port and the other end in the 2.0 USB port on your computer. Make sure your computer is on, or risk draining your iPhone’s battery.

Step 6
Send a text message. Tap on the Plus sign and select from your contacts list and type your message. Click Send. To send to someone not already in your contacts, tap on the pen sign, then type the number and your message. Click Send.

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